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Fancys Toilet Brush™

Fancys Toilet Brush™

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Innovative Cleaning Solution

Say goodbye to traditional toilet cleaners with our revolutionary Toilet Cleaner Kit. This kit features 6 disposable sponge brush heads designed to revolutionize your bathroom cleaning routine. Unlike usual brushes that require constant cleaning and harbor bacteria over time, our disposable sponge brush heads offer a fresh cleaning experience every time.

Efficient Disposable Sponge Heads

Our Disposable Sponge Heads are preloaded with potent toilet cleaner, ensuring every corner of your bathroom receives a thorough cleaning. From the upper toilet area to the U-bend, our sponge heads leave no spot untouched. These versatile sponge heads aren't limited to toilet cleaning; they can also tackle sink stains, bathroom glass and floor stains, making them a great helper for all your home cleaning needs.

Convenient Replacement and Storage

Cleaning has never been easier. Simply press the button on the toilet handle to discard the used sponge head. Our smart storage caddy keeps your brush handle and refill heads neatly organized, with a widened base design for effortless access to your cleaning essentials.

Upgrade your cleaning routine today with the power of our ultimate disposable toilet cleaning system. Experience the difference it makes in maintaining a sparkling-clean bathroom.

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